account authorize

Authorize an account with credentials.

Prompts for Backblaze applicationKeyId and applicationKey (unless they are given on the command line).

You can authorize with either the master application key or a normal application key.

To use the master application key, provide the application key ID and application key from the B2 Cloud Storage Buckets page on the web site:

To use a normal application key, created with the key create command or on the web site, provide the application key ID and the application key itself.

You can also optionally provide application key ID and application key using environment variables B2_APPLICATION_KEY_ID and B2_APPLICATION_KEY respectively.

Stores an account auth token in a local cache, see

b2 --help

for details on how the location of this cache is determined.

Requires capability:

  • listBuckets

b2 account authorize [-h]  [applicationKeyId] [applicationKey]

Positional Arguments