bucket notification-rule list

Allows listing bucket notification rules of the given bucket.


Event Notifications feature is in “Private Preview” state and may change without notice. See https://www.backblaze.com/blog/announcing-event-notifications/ for details.

Use --json to get machine-readable output. Unless --json is used, the output is human-readable, and may change from one minor version to the next. Therefore, for scripting, it is strongly encouraged to use --json.


b2 notification-rule list b2://bucketName

Requires capability:

  • readBucketNotifications

b2 bucket notification-rule list [-h] [--json] B2_URI

Positional Arguments


B2 URI of the bucket with optional path prefix, e.g. b2://bucketName or b2://bucketName/optionalSubPath/

Named Arguments


output in JSON format to use in scripts

Default: False