file download

Download the given file-like object, and store it in the given local file.

If the tqdm library is installed, progress bar is displayed on stderr. Without it, simple text progress is printed. Use --no-progress to disable progress reporting (marginally improves performance in some cases).

Use –threads to manually adjust the number of threads used in the operation. Otherwise, the number of threads will be automatically chosen.

To access SSE-C encrypted files, please set --source-server-side-encryption=SSE-C. The default algorithm is set to AES256 which can by changed with --source-server-side-encryption-algorithm parameter. Using SSE-C requires providing B2_SOURCE_SSE_C_KEY_B64 environment variable, containing the base64 encoded encryption key.

Use –write-buffer-size to set the size (in bytes) of the buffer used to write files.

Use –skip-hash-verification to disable hash check on downloaded files.

Use –max-download-streams-per-file to set max num of streams for parallel downloader.

Requires capability:

  • readFiles

b2 file download [-h] [--threads THREADS]
                 [--max-download-streams-per-file MAX_DOWNLOAD_STREAMS_PER_FILE]
                 [--no-progress] [--source-server-side-encryption {SSE-C}]
                 [--source-server-side-encryption-algorithm {AES256}]
                 [--write-buffer-size BYTES] [--skip-hash-verification]
                 B2_URI localFileName

Positional Arguments


B2 URI pointing to a file, e.g. b2://yourBucket/file.txt or b2id://fileId


Named Arguments


progress will not be reported

Default: False


Possible choices: SSE-C


Possible choices: AES256

Default: “AES256”


Default: False