replication status

Display detailed replication statistics

Inspects files in only source or both source and destination buckets (potentially from different accounts) and provides detailed replication statistics.

Please be aware that only latest file versions are inspected, so any previous file versions are not represented in these statistics.

–output-format “Console” output format is meant to be human-readable and is subject to change in any further release. One should use “json” for reliable “no-breaking-changes” output format. When piping “csv” format to some .csv file, it’s handy to use –no-progress flag which will disable interactive reporting output, otherwise it will also go to target csv file’s first line.

–columns Comma-separated list of columns to be shown. The rows are still grouped by _all_ columns, no matter which of them are shown / hidden when using –columns flag.

b2 replication status [-h] [--rule REPLICATION_RULE_NAME]
                      [--destination-profile DESTINATION_PROFILE]
                      [--output-format {console,json,csv}] [--no-progress]
                      [--columns COLUMN ONE,COLUMN TWO]

Positional Arguments


Named Arguments


Default: False


Possible choices: console, json, csv

Default: “console”


Default: False


Default: [‘all’]